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Parkinson’s disease – alpha-synuclein an important player (France Parkinson)

“In an engaging manner, this video produced by Parkinson’s France highlights the delicate balance between ‘useful’ alpha-synuclein and its harmful aggregates which involves the destruction and re-cycling of alpha-synuclein in normal conditions and the destruction of neurons and the development of Parkinson’s when the balance is upset.  We clearly need to know and understand what affects these processes in order to develop possible new drug targets.

Alpha-synuclein aggregates (Lewy bodies) are bad in an unknown way and lead to the death of neurons and the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. If we understand the dynamics of alpha-synuclein we might better understand Parkinson’s.”

Richard Campbell, PD-MitoQUANT PPI Representatative

Meet Dr Niamh Connolly, member of the PD-MitoQUANT team at RCSI

“Here, Dr Niamh Connolly of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland clearly states that the juxtaposition of computational work and experimental work in the lab, thus broadening the range of tools utilised, is the most efficient and hopefully the most successful research methodology. It makes sense, therefore, that a variety of research tools should be employed in an attempt to discover the aetiology of Parkinson’s and hopefully to slow it down in its tracks or, better still, halt its progression.

By bringing together the finely honed research skills and experience of a range of different disciplines, and by focusing on early as well as late-stage physiological and anatomical changes in brain biochemistry, PD-MitoQUANT researchers have a vastly improved chance of improving the lives of the more than one million Europeans living with PD, not to mention the many millions more at a global level.”

Paula Scurfield, PD-MitoQUANT PPI representative